A perfect enterprise Solution for Your Business

FIT - ERP For Manufacturers & Exporters

FIT-ERP is seamlessly integrated application software exclusively designed for Apparel Business and is Web enabled .The product is unique in nature and addresses all key areas of apparel industry and provides detailed information at each stage of business process.

FIT-ERP is developed using the latest technology tools and ensures easy migration to any new platform. The product is webenabled with online query options and you will be able to track or query any information related to your business wherever you are.

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FIT - SCM For Branding & Warehousing

Distribution is the most cumbersome area of any business especially when the network and the customer bases are large. FIT-SCM helps in automation of the entire business from warehousing, distribution and retailing under a single network through its web-enabled SCM module. The FIT-SCM would cover from the basic functionalities of unique digital cataloging, Orders on Web, Customer Relation including status updates, Sales monitoring, Employee Reporting, Automated FIFO based despatch, Invoicing, complete branding functions with territory based costing and overhead monitoring functionalities.

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FIT - CRM For Buying Houses & Liaison Offices

A pure customer relation management in Apparel Business will not be complete without an on-line CRM system. Time and Quality are the key functional elements of merchandising and we are proud to present you an ultimate web-enabled product “FIT-CRM” that was an outcome of our 10 years of experience in working with Apparel Industry. The entire global market is switching towards automation and the Garment Business is no more an exemption. The entrepreneurs now have fully understood that only an Integrated Software Application can help him sustain with a market that expects pace, volume and quality. Information sharing has become a vital part of every business and any one not into that fray would be literally out of the market. Globalization has now thrown tremendous pressure on each country and businessman to excel each other to prove their customer that they are better than their competitors.

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FIT - HRM For HR & Payroll Management

FIT-HRMS helps in automating the entire HR operations of any company. The product is web-enabled with multi currency option to handle employees across several countries. The product provides integrated features to maintain Staff Recruitment, Employee Work History, Attendance, Salary and all statutory reports. HRMS provides user friendly interface for defining Allowances, Deductions, Insurance, Pensions, Deposits, Taxes of employees in Global or individual basis. User Rights setup with regard to Branches and Offices ensures effective filtration of information with respect to a respective department, office or a country. Web-enabled functions help user to Query information on-line anywhere any time.

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FIT - POS For Retail & Chain Stores

FIT-POS is used as a cash register in retail shops to record daily transactions of the shop. FIT-POS can track Inventory, print Informative Invoices and Receipts, handle Payments. The product shall work with Bar-code readers and is totally integrated to the central SCM application used at the Warehouse operations.

FIT-POS is capable of synchronization of all transactions related to Sales, Stock, Discount Schemes, Product offers information to and from the central distribution database every five minutes. This facility helps the central warehouse to plan an auto replenishment to the store.

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