Our Services

Jeevan offers a comprehensive suite of customer relationship management services through a combination of deep domain expertise, strategic alliances and internal competencies backed by the right technology.

We offer wide range of services including:

Product Customization
Customization is the task of defining the technical or technological requirements needed to develop the application that suit's the customer business. Based on the customer requirement, we customize the FIT ERP in order to satisfy what the customer actually needs.

Web Hosting
We can help our customers host our application either directly or outsource through our business partners. We provide fast throughput (website speed) that will enhance and accelerate your working with our software.

FIT is focused on paperless office and we extend our service in integrating of various devices or software to enhance or simplify your working with FIT. We shall help you in integration to Customized Bar-coding System, Linking to Bio metric systems for HR management, Integrate to your Line Production Systems for data capturing or any other service of integration related to FIT. We also shall help you to interface FIT with any other software.

Data Migration
We also extend our services to import or export your master details between FIT and any other software. The software has a direct Import / Export facility to exchange master data between applications.

Training & Implementation
We shall also build our reputation on providing the most flexible software available with the best support we can provide. So we're here for you, year after year to provide whatever changes you need to implement FIT in best way. Training on FIT is designed around you. It is geared toward what our user will need and want to use. We deliver on-site and remote training programs.

Business Consultancy
Our team of experts shall also provide you the support to incorporate the best industry practices in your company to implement FIT. Our team members have strong domain knowledge and are experts to design and provide the perfect work flow management documentation to help your company implement the software in an efficient manner. KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) for the apparel industry is already inbuilt into the application and our consultancy team can guide our customer to have a complete control of the business through our inbuilt KPI's of Apparel Business.