A perfect enterprise solution for your Business
"Gain competitive advantage by integrating ware housing, distribution & retailing in a single application”.

For Branding & Distribution

  • 100% Web Enabled Application
  • Centralised Data Server
  • Distribution is the most cumbersome area of any business especially when the network and the customer bases are large. FIT-SCM helps in automation of the entire business from warehousing, distribution and retailing under a single network through its web-enabled SCM module. The FIT-SCM would cover from the basic functionalities of unique digital cataloging, Orders on Web, Customer Relation including status updates, Sales monitoring, Employee Reporting, Automated FIFO based despatch, Invoicing, complete branding functions with territory based costing and overhead monitoring functionalities.
  • The system would be an on-line application, where the entire pool of customers, employees and associates would conduct business on-line. The system would be placed under a secured network with user level security access to the functionalities. The application would provide instant information of stock at any point and also provide lot of comparative reports on dealer performances, branding expenditure, brand budgets and product movement reports.
  • A paperless office, instant decision support information and working anywhere would be base objectives of this on-line solution. The on-line application will have a detailed query reporting to provide all business information right from the management group to all other levels of business integrators.


  • Style & Album Generation with Grouping features
  • Catalog launching and closing functionalities for distributors.
  • On-line booking and indenting of orders to the sales office.
  • Faster & Quicker access to all orders and status from all parts of the country.
  • Price List creation & Territory based tax setup.
  • Digital On-line catalogs for Dealers & Distributors.
  • Daily production inward data synchronization from FIT-SCM.
  • Detailed ware house management on web.
  • Exclusive tracking on all products in stock across the network.
  • Automated dispatches based on user priorities and in FIFO methods.
  • Sales Invoicing and Scheme Billing for both Distributors and Franchise Stores.
  • Executives targets and actual updates on monthly basis.
  • Branding Kits inventory management across the nationwide network.
  • On-line claim vouchers for executives and dealers towards expenditure.
  • Budget VS Expenditure with expense group heads forterritory and distributors.
  • Automated overhead allotment to territories for territory costing and analysis.
  • All branding quotations, approvals, supplier invoices, payments through system.
  • Statement of Receivables and Payables with provision for Debit / Credit Notes and customer claims.
  • Instant messaging system for the nation wide network of executives, dealers and employees.
  • A fully loaded web-enabled query reporting system for the entire modules of “FIT-SCM”.