Our Support

Online Training
Our training programs are especially designed to be easy enough for a common man to understand and use the critical functions of our ERP application. Our domain specific engineers will broadly elaborate users module by module and guide the users until they are fully proficient. To access your custom training sessions, all you need is an Internet Connection and a phone line for session audio or any other Internet Voice Calling System.

Onsite Training
Onsite training takes place at the customer's premises, and shall be designed for specific needs of each customer. Trained JEEVAN specialists shall work closely with users and departments to ensure that the solution is rolled out successfully across your organization. Continuous support following the training ensures your company begins using the entire ERP solution quickly and efficiently

Help Desk Support
Customer support is always a top priority at Jeevan and it is our goal to provide the best service and ensure you do not get struck because of any unforeseen problems in the application. Meticulous efforts have been put in for designing and testing of FIT for a trouble free working environment. However for any problems or errors faced beyond our boundaries, we are always committed to help our customers resolve the problems at the earliest without affecting their routine work. Our Helpdesk system will be available for your remote service during office hours on all working days. Our expert support engineers shall instantly and securely access your computer through internet and fix the problems in a short span of time.